Channel Master Antenna Booster

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  • The Channel Master television antenna booster (preamplifier) will amplify digital and HD signals received by your antenna. This antenna preamplifier is a high gain, low noise preamplifier used for weak signal areas to allow a weak signal that is present at the antenna to be amplified to a viewable strength. This TV antenna preamplifier works best for persons in weak signal areas and is subject to overdrive if used in areas with fairly strong signals. In stronger signal areas our medium gain preamplifier, the CM-7778 is a better choice. Preamplifiers are also used if you anticipate distributing your signal with a digital splitter to multiple outlets throughout your house as splitters reduce the signal strength available at each output.
    • Includes a switchable FM trap
    • Outdoor rated housing
    • Mast mounted amplification unit with indoor power supply which connects via coaxial cable
    • Preamplifier and its power supply can withstand up to 140° F temperatures

General Specifications

• Combined VHF/UHF inputs
• Gain: 30 dB, 54 to 1002 MHz