TV Antenna Booster HD Signals

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  • The Channel Master television antenna booster (preamplifier) will amplify digital and HD signals received by your antenna. This antenna amplifier is a high gain, low noise preamplifier used for medium to weak signal areas to allow a weak signal that is present at the antenna to be amplified to a viewable strength. The CM-7778 preamp offers less gain than the CM-7777 but still has plenty of gain to get the signal from the antenna to the TV set. This preamp is a perfect choice if you are in a medium strength signal area but are still having trouble receiving good signals. Preamplifiers are also used if you anticipate distributing your signal with a digital splitter to multiple outlets throughout your house as splitters reduce the signal strength available at each output.
    • Combined VHF/UHF inputs
    • Outdoor rated housing
    • Mast mounted amplification unit with indoor power supply which connect via coaxial cable
    • Preamplifier and its power supply can withstand up to 140° F temperatures

General Specifications

• Gain: 16 dB, 54 to 860 MHz
• Includes a switchable FM trap