Mixer Preamplifier

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  • .Mixer Preamplifier
    .IU rack size
    .Split/Mix switch for each mono channel
    .2 input, 6 + 2 outputs splitter
    .8 balance / Pan control for each channel
    .Main input and output level control
    .Main Link function allows to route the Main in signal to Main out & vice versa
    .Level meters for each stage
    .XLR Balanced connectors for 4 mono channels and TRS type for 2 mono channels
    .Dual voltage unit for global operation

General Specifications

.Main voltage: 110~120VAC 220~240VAC 50/60 Hz
.Fuse: T500mA 250V
.Impedance: balanced input 50k ohms unbalanced 25k ohms
Outputs: 60 ohm balanced, 30 ohms unbalanced
.Dimensions: 19" x 7.54" x 1.7"
.Weight: 7.72 lbs